The Progress Tour is a new and innovative series of UTR Prize Money tennis events that take place across the UK, mainland Europe and soon to be hitting the United States and South Africa.

In 2018, the Tour saw 420 competitors battle it out in over 1,300 level-based matches. The Progress Tour Brighton event, for the past two years, has offered the largest winners cheque in domestic British Tennis.

The idea for the events stems from a belief that the current competitive structure in the UK under provides for our aspiring players, with a competitive framework that stifles rather than promotes healthy competition; a lack real opportunity for players to earn prize money/funding; and a lack of suitable guidance as to which avenues to take.

Moving into 2019, the Tour will expand with new venues and more prize money. There are a growing number of one-day shootout events, which encapsulates the very core of level-based competition, and a growing number of 3-4 day tour events across the World.

The base level prize money has increased across the board, and Progress Tour Premier events seek to provide British professional players genuine earning opportunities on home soil alongside the existing calendar.

The Progress Tour

British Competitive Opportunities

With so many changes afoot in the world of tennis, we need to sustain and support not only the next generation of players coming through, but also our current crop and past players, all of whom deserve the opportunity to compete at their respective levels within the UK.

It is my belief that the more reasons we can give players to stay, compete and earn in the UK, the healthier our competitive structure will be across the board.

Please help spread the word, and do not hesitate to get in contact with any feedback, queries or if you wish to get involved in helping to grow this Tour!

Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR)

UTR Powered by Oracle is a modified elo rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. Players are rated based on actual results, not age, gender, nationality, or socioeconomic status.

The UTR rating has been utilised by the Progress Tour since it’s inception as a vehicle to facilitate level-based and progressive competition. As opposed to other ratings systems, UTR provides a precise representation of playing standard, and is a system that promotes quality competition, rather than stifle it.

Read more about UTR and find out how to claim your profile at myutr.com

The Progress Tour 2019 starts at the Cardiff Met University.
For more event details, check out The Progress Tour Schedule.