The Progress Tour 2018 – What’s it all about?

The Progress Tour could be coming to a UK city near you. So, what’s it all about?

Check out this fabulous promo film, courtesy of Jerry Laurence of Brighton SkyCam, giving a behind the scenes look into the recent Progress Tour Event in Brighton.

Plans are underway for a bigger and better circuit of events next year. For any clubs or venues keen to host an event in 2019, please get in contact by October 7th.

The Progress Tour is a UTR Circuit of Prize Money events. In 2019 we are aiming to provide 20 events with ‘real’ Prize Money, and developmental opportunities, enabling aspiring British Tennis Players to legitimately stay in the game for longer and compete on home soil to fund and complement their tennis careers.

Any individual or company interested in supporting the real beating heart of British Tennis, please get in touch.

The Progress Tour is independently operated and does not benefit from the healthy budgets of a governing body; relying instead on word of mouth, and the support of each of you. Thank you and please keep spreading the word.